GM and CATARC Sign MOU for Chevrolet Volt Demo Fleet image

GM China, and China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) have recently signed a memorandum of understanding to deal with GM’s Chevrolet Volt demonstration fleet in Beijing for a year.

CATARC and GM will make a joint working team which will gather Volt demonstration fleet usage feedback to better target discussions and actions to support new energy vehicle policy in China, as well as study how charging, real-world performance and infrastructure for the Volt and other electric cars meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

“This partnership is strategically important to us,” said CATARC Director Zhao Hang. “The Volt, with its cutting-edge and practical technologies, will provide information to assist us in preparing the Chinese market for future electrified vehicles.”

China is the second market after the U.S. to introduce the Volt, which is world’s first extended-range electric vehicle that can operate under a full range of climates and driving conditions without limitations.

Ray Bierzynski, GM China executive director of Electrification Strategy, believes that the partnership between General Motors and CATARC will offer GM the possibility to access top opinion leaders and policymakers.

“It is important for us to offer those in key positions to affect policy an opportunity to experience firsthand our variety of electrification solutions for reducing the automotive industry’s dependence on petroleum,” he said.