GM and Ford love China image

The world’s largest auto market has done marvels for the first and second biggest US automakers, both enjoying incredible sales figures as they expand their presence locally with new plants and models.

Last month brought new record sales for both GM and Ford. The first said its joint ventures there achieved a new domestic record, increasing deliveries by 12.7% to almost 250,000 vehicles. The No. 1 US automaker also added that for the fifth consecutive year, sales totaled more than 2 million units – this time in just seven months, the earliest period the company reached the milestone.

“We will continue to expand our portfolio and introduce more product offerings in China to meet increasingly diverse demand in our largest market,” said GM Executive Vice President and GM China President Matt Tsien.

On the other hand, Ford was a latecomer in China, but that doesn’t seem to hamper it when posting another record increase. July deliveries jumped 25% to 90,775 autos from last year’s 72,834 figure. The company says it’s now pushing for the 1 million mark before the end of the year, after year-to-date sales climbed from 2013’s 480,555 tally to 640,031 units, an increase  of 33%. The second largest US carmaker has an accelerated growth plan for China, aiming to bring in at least 15 new models before 2016.