GM and Google partner in ride-sharing program image

A pilot program set up by General Motors to develop vehicle-sharing schemes for corporate campuses or colleges sees the US automaker partnering up with Google.

The tech giant and the No.1 US automaker would implement a ride-sharing pilot program on Google’s main campus in Mountain View, California, using the energy-efficient four-passenger Chevrolet Spark EV to cater for the needs.

“This learning pilot combines commuting data, analytics, telematics, navigation and smartphones to run a smart, real-time system that mixes and matches drivers, riders and cars during morning and evening commutes,” GM says in its 2013 sustainability report. “Convenience through door-to-door service and flexible scheduling are key goals.”

According to the automaker, the vehicle- and ride-sharing systems could become a solution for partly addressing the traffic congestion problem, especially in areas that are densely populated and could also bring potential customers to the company as more people get to try a GM vehicle.

In other news, GM is also working with Streetline, a parking technology company and using its Warren Technology Center to study parking – using already installed sensors in parking decks it allows employees to use an application to more easily find a parking spot – wasting less time and fuel in the process.