GM and Honda Join Hands to Develop Fuel-Cell Vehicles by 2020 image

GM and Honda announced they have joined hands to develop hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in the following seven years, a strategy aimed at reducing costs and comply with CO2 emissions rules.

GM and Honda announced their alliance today, July 2nd, and said they will jointly develop a refueling infrastructure which will be of utmost importance for the long-term life or fuel-cell cars. As global emissions rules get stricter, automakers have begun to turn their attention towards fuel-cell vehicles. Honda and GM said they will share technology and suppliers to reduce fuel-cell vehicles’ costs, which currently are more expensive compared with EVs.

“At GM, we believe in hydrogen fuel cell technology as one of several possible alternatives to more traditional forms of propulsion, to help reduce petroleum dependence,” said GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky. “However, the cost of such technology has not come down as far as it must to become more commercially viable.”

Currently, there are only two fuel-cell vehicles in the US, the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell and the Honda FCX Clarity. But Honda plans to launch the next-generation FCX in Japan and the US in 2015. The fuel-cell technology is deprived of a widespread adoption due to the increased costs of the platinum which is used to kick-start the chemical reaction within the fuel cell. The material adds thousands of dollars to the car’s price.

Source: Reuters