GM and Nissan fair well on the plug-in car sales front image

The biggest sellers of rechargeable cars on U.S. Soil – GM and Nissan – posted record plug-in sales in August as their low-cost leases pushed battery-vehicle deliveries this year past 2012’s total.

U.S. sales of electric-drive cars and light trucks — ranging from hybrids to plug-in hybrids to battery-only cars — are up 28 percent this year through August to at least 399, 070 vehicles, based on Bloomberg figures. Toyota electric and hybrid models, led by the Prius, dominates the segment with 248,134 such sales this year.

On the plug-in front, GM delivered 3,351 Chevrolet Volt in August, up 18% from a year earlier, and Nissan’s all-electric Leaf hatchback sales more than tripled to 2,420 units. U.S. plug-in hybrid and battery car sales totaled 57,976 in 2013’s first eight months, more than the 51,938 for all of last year according to data compiled by Bloomberg and Autodata Corporation.

Through August, the Volt from Detroit-based GM leads the Leaf produced by Yokohama, Japan-based Nissan, 14,994 to 14,123 vehicles.

Prius, the world’s best-selling hybrid, had a 30% increase last month to 27,358 units, the company said. Sales of the line, including the main hatchback version, wagon, subcompact and Prius Plug-in, totaled 170,866 through August. Toyota has said it plans to sell a record 250,000 this year.

Via Bloomberg