GM and OnStar Join Pecan Street Project image

GM and OnStar have become official partners with Pecan Street and plan to develop future electric vehicle services.

Research and development organization Pecan Street already has a research project in Austin, Texas, in an area with the highest residential concentration of EVs.

“This partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to observe charging details with many real customers in a concentrated setting, ” Nick Pudar, OnStar vice president of strategy and business development, said in a statement.

The companies plan to gather useful information from the families that are using EVs and find solutions to offer drivers the lowest-possible charging rates and also develop new capabilities of the Volt and other plug-in vehicles.

Participating at the Pecan Street project are other companies such as Oncor, Sony, Whirlpool and Intel. Residents of the sustainable Mueller community agreed to take part at the project which will show how products from the companies communicate with the electric grid.

OnStar has developed energy demand response, renewable energy and time-of-use-rates and home energy management EV charging, and will test them during the partnership. As it is a sustainable community, more than a third of homes have solar and electric vehicle charging and rooftop solar installations.
Source: DetroitNews