GM Begins IT Transformation Plan, Hires IT Workers image

GM will hire thousands of IT workers in the following 3-5 years help drive profits and market share and also improve its competitiveness.

Currently 90% of the company’s IT function is handled by 10,000 workers outside the company and the rest of 10% by GM’s global IT work force of about 1,500 employees. Randy Mott, GM’s vice president of information technology and chief information officer, plans in the following 3-5 years to make that 90% of IT function handled by GM’s own employees.

GM embarked on a major IT transformation and plans to increase the numbers of IT workers and add new business solutions, instead of just supporting the business. GM’s IT plan also includes the reduction from 23 global data centers to only two located in Michigan, opening three software development centers in the US and increase its global applications.

The IT companies that have contracts with GM declined to comment about this plan. Hewlett-Packard Development renewed in July 2010 multiyear applications and infrastructure services contract with GM worth over $2 billion. Capgemini, also signed in July 2010 two contract renewals with the company over five years worth $250 million.