GM announced it will invest $258 million to build a new data center located in at its Milford Proving Ground operations, Milford Township.

Construction of the new data center is due to begin this summer and it is expected to open in July 2014. According to GM, 350 skilled trades workers are necessary at the peak of construction and almost all the construction workers will come from central and southeast Michigan. Milford Township Supervisor Donald Green said that once finished the Milford Township data center will create jobs for 20 people.

Part of GM’s information technology overhaul, the Milford Township and the Warren data centers will replace 23 global data centered operated by the US automaker and three information technology suppliers. In the next three years the company also plans to in-source almost 90% of its information technology workforce.

“It’s all about reducing risk and making sure no one event would affect both centers at the same time,” Curt Loehr, GM information technology project manager, said in a statement. “Each center has its own utility feed using separate paths to provide uninterrupted power. We even checked weather data going back a half century and Warren and Milford are affected by separate weather patterns.”

GM invested $130 million for its Warren Tech Center and the company said that its two data centers will help it work smarter and faster in areas of sales, marketing, development, manufacturing and applications for subsidiary OnStar. GM also plans to hire around 9,000 information technology workers in the following three to five years and by the end of this year it will identify 5,500 of them.

Source: The Detroit News


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