GM Buys Durant-Dort Carriage plant in Flint, Michigan image

GM agreed to buy the Durant-Dort Carriage plant in Flint, Michigan, a site considered by GM North America President Mark Reuss as GM’s ‘birthplace.’

The Durant-Dort Carriage plant is 133 years old and covers an area of 25,000 square feet. The US automaker plans to use the facility as a showcase for its corporate history, according to Mark Reuss. GM will also purchase the Durant-Dort office building, located near the plant. Reuss considers the office building “the center of GM heritage” and this is where many of the company’s records and documents will remain.

In the past the Durant-Dort Carriage was one of the most important producers of horse-drawn carriages in the US and it was owned by Billy Durant, who became GM’s founder, and his partner J. Dallas Dort. The profits form the carriage company were used by Durant to purchase the troubled Buick Motor, which later on became GM.

“Inside of the Durant-Dort [office building] is Billy Durant’s desk and his spittoon and all the records from carriage sales and financing. It’s all handwritten stuff,” Reuss said. “We want to take the office and make it a little museum for people to get through, but the factory is big enough where we could actually have a really nice collection of Buicks … and hold dealer events there … and we don’t have to go pay to rent the Russell Bazaar.”

Source: Automotive News