GM CEO says victims to get compensated soon image

The No.1 US automaker is navigating the shallow waters of its defective ignition switch recall mishandling, with 2.6 million cars affected and linked to at least 50 crashes and 13 deaths.

Today, when General Motors CEO Mary Barra is expected once more before the US Congress in a cross-examination, she is expected to tell congressional members that the company is prepared to start processing the victims and families of victims claims in respect to the faulty part.

According to the prepared testimony that Barra will deliver in front of the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee, the chief executive would also state that Kenneth Feinberg, the man that was put in charge of the fund, would be given “full authority to establish eligibility criteria for victims and determine compensation levels.”

Barra is once again tasked to address to the committee after her first hearing in April, concluded with the lawmakers thoroughly dissatisfied with the answers she provided – which left many details in the dark, The CEO did promise to deliver more answers once the internal probe, led by outside counsel Anton Valukas, would conclude. Earlier this month, Barra made public the findings of the probe and together with Valukas will now testify once more before the US Congress.

Via Reuters