Mary Barra, the first female chief executive in the auto industry, has decided to move past the recall issues that plagued the company this year, making her first public appearance outside Detroit at a Clinton panel.

Barra, who took office in January, was swiftly hit in February with a crisis that may very well be the biggest in GM’s history, even overshadowing its tax-payer funded bankruptcy bailout of 2009.

Since she became GM’s CEO, Mary Barra had little good news when going out in public – being torn between company earnings reports hit by the rising recall costs and thrashing appearances in front of US Congress committees.

Although GM hasn’t escaped yet the problems, having to pay for nearly 29 million fixes for vehicles and pending ongoing Justice Department investigations, Barra has decided to reintroduce herself in the corporate world.

After this reintroduction period, “it will be time to get back to work and see how she does,” comments Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision, a San Diego-based marketing consulting firm. “My guess is she will do well with this reboot.”

Barra visited India last week and these days she appeared at a New York event alongside Chelsea Clinton and Alibaba Group Holdings Chairman and founder Jack Ma. On the same day, September 23, Barra also took a prize from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, an organization that recognizes leaders that lift social responsibility.

Via Bloomberg


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