GM will open a global research center in China relying on the country’s engineers to help the company developing a new generation of EVs.

As China has been the world’s largest auto market since 2009, GM hopes that this new center will help the company integrate the Chinese customers’ preferences and requirements into its global product development. The GM China Advanced Technical Center, which will be located in Shanghai, is aimed at developing technologies not only for China, but for the global marketplace, similar to the centers in South Korea, Germany and the US.

“The facilities will support advances in technology, powertrains, electrification and vehicle design for GM on a local and global basis,” GM said in a statement.

GM took the decision to build this research facility in Shanghai, due to the vast supply of engineering graduates in China, who are more than in any other country. The GM China Advanced Technical Center will focus on several research areas, one of them being the “new energy”, which means heavily electrified technology that powers plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and all-electric battery cars.

“It makes sense because Northeast Asia – Japan, South Korea and China – is the world’s major hub for advanced electric car battery research,” Zhang said.


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