GM China Starts Manufacturing Prototype Battery Cells image

GM China begins producing and testing prototype battery cells at the Advanced Technical Center in Shanghai.

The prototype battery cells and complete systems are expected to be cheaper than the ones available on the market now, will help GM expand vehicle electrification and close partnerships with cell material and battery cell suppliers. The automaker plans to make its plug-in vehicles more affordable for its customers by developing batteries with improved energy density, which will reduce costs and allow smaller overall system sizes.

Recently GM China Advanced Technical Center reached an important milestone in the development of batteries, producing the first batch of battery cells using state-of-the-art technology. The battery system is responsible for controlling the temperature, and manage battery charge and discharge, and the materials which it is made of are of utmost importance, determining the durability, reliability and cost of the battery.

“Producing the first prototype battery cells is a big step forward for the GM China Advanced Technical Center. It is critical for enabling GM to develop smaller, lighter and lower-cost new-generation batteries,” said John Du, Director of GM China’s China Science Lab.