GM Confirms Flint East Plant Closing image

GM confirmed today, February 6th that the Flint East plant will close in November 2013, leaving 287 employees without their jobs.

In 2007, GM, UAW and Delphi signed a deal through which GM hired UAW-represented hourly employees at the Flint East plant, while the site was operated and known as Delphi Plint East. This agreement expired on September 14th, 2011. The US automaker said that the decision to shut down the plant has been taken long before the UAW 651 members went on strike last week. The automaker also said that the workers here will be relocated in Mexico to a Delphi plant.

“Due to product changes at GM, production will cease at Flint East in November 2013. We felt it was important to let you know this news so you can make appropriate plans for your future,” Dorothy Hennessy, director of labor relations for GM, wrote in a letter given to affected employees.

This is the second plant GM will close in the Genesee County. Last month the automaker said it will close the Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center in June 2013 and transfer work to other GM plants in order to save money.

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    does anyone still live in the Flint area except Demcad