GM could make Chevy Volt in China image

After the automotive giant has launched the General Motors has announced its intentions to develop the “eco-friendly” Chevrolet Volt in China, in a race to cut down production costs, gain new customers and increase the company’s profit.

“We’re going to export into China for probably a year or two and see if it gets a take… if customers set the right usage patterns. If it does, we may manufacture it there”, said the GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson.

The GM official has announced that Chevrolet Volt will be exported into China by the end of the year but he doesn’t think that the Michigan-built car will sell too many because vehicles that aren’t locally made don’t qualify for government incentives.

The Chevrolet Volt has been on sale in the United States since mid-December 2010 and qualifies as the most fuel-efficient compact car sold over-seas, according to EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency.

GM says that the Volt can travel between 25 and 50 miles on the lithium-ion battery alone and the total range of the hybrid is 379 miles. The suggested retail price for the 2011 Volt starts at 40.280 USD.