GM could prepare a new truck by the name “Badlands” image

Here’s an interesting piece of news: a recent US Patent and Trademark Office filling has revealed the proposed name for a new General Motors truck – with the largest US automaker trying to register “badlands” as a trademark.

The Detroit-based automaker, the third biggest auto company in the world by sales, said in a February 16 filling it would use the new trademark to establish a new truck mark. It appears that trucks carrying geographic names are gaining popularity these years, with examples ranging from the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Tacoma and Dodge Dakota to the Hyundai Tucson. The badlands are generally a rocky patch of terrain with little vegetation. For example, the Badlands National Park in South Dakota has a landscape consisting of pinnacles buttes and spires and also contain fossil beds. They are also a usual moniker in popular culture – we can only imagine a truck model named as such would be well versed in traversing the rough terrain the name suggests.

Automakers don’t usually hold the edge on patent fillings – but they sometimes do reveal interesting bits of information. For example, when it comes to overall patent applications in 2014, the European Patent Office’s annual report, just released, has South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, the maker of the popular Galaxy mobile phones and tablets, held the top position in application filings. The company filed 2,541 patent applications with the office, Royal Philips NV was second with 2,317 and Germany’s Siemens AG came third with 2,133. When it comes to US-based companies, Qualcomm Inc. of San Diego, a company that manufactures mobile processing chips widely used on the smartphone and tablet market, was first with 1,459; followed by Santa Clara, California-based Intel with 1,054.

Via Bloomberg