GM Dan Akerson Proud of the 2014 Corvette image

Sunday, January 13th, GM CEO Dan Akerson said about the new 2014 Corvette that it is the proof of what the restructured automaker is capable of creating.

“If you really want to transform this company from just playing it kind of four-corner stall, as they say in basketball — but go on offense, you are going to have to take some risks,” Akerson said. “It’s a statement about American ingenuity — it’s about technology and, frankly, our risk-taking. This is the first car that was designed start to finish-post.”

Akerson added that the 2014 is a ‘balanced risk’ and that it perfectly emphasizes the company’s image. Although he didn’t mention any sales target, he said that GM used to sell about 35,000 Corvettes per year. Although Corvette sales have fallen to 13,000-14,000 units and to a 50-year-low in 2010, Akerson is confident that sales will rebound since as according to him “There’s no Corvette that I know of that comes near this one.”

Akerson added that the 2014 Corvette is fitted with magnesium seats and has lighter materials. GM North America President Mark Reuss said that initially the model will be sold only in the US in big numbers and later expand to other markets.

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