GM decides to keep Bolt name for upcoming electric car image

GM’s Chevrolet brand decided to keep for the production car the concept name Bolt, after two studies on the matter concluded the similarity with the Volt plug-in hybrid name won’t become an issue.

Chevrolet’s marketing chief Tim Mahoney contends the Bolt moniker is a great one to use for an electric car even if it can be sometimes confounded with the Volt name they already use for their second generation plug-in hybrid car. He confirmed the name will not be changed after numerous media reports said the company was considering a change after the model was introduced in concept form back in January during the North American International Auto Show. The production model will be a pure battery-driven electric car with a range of around 200 miles on a single charge. The executive added they like the “synergies” between the sound-alike models and also the image association between the two “connotes good things.” The probable confusion between the monikers actually “can be an advantage,” according to Mahoney, as the Bolt name “association with Chevrolet is nearly immediate,” mainly because the Volt has become a brand ambassador.

Chevrolet aims to move into mass-market electric car territory, even as the sales of its Volt plug in hybrid range extender have not reached initial forecasts. When it arrives on the market in 2017, Bolt will also have to face stiff competition, mainly from California-based electric automaker Tesla, which is scheduled to introduce around the same time its Model 3 affordable sedan – with comparable mileage and price capabilities.

VIa USA Today