General Motors, which just reopened the Warren technical center after a massive flood, has also come up with a way for its employees to move faster around the 330-acre campus in suburban Detroit.

Together with Zagster, a Cambridge, Massachusetts company that has experience with such programs, GM has started a bike sharing program that would mitigate the need to walk or drive to reach meetings among the 61 buildings complex.

“GM is investing not only in the long-term health and productivity of its workforce, but sending a strong message to other employers around the country that bike sharing is a mainstream transportation option for employees,” said Timothy Ericson, cofounder and CEO of Zagster.

“This is an awesome idea,” commented John Waechter, a design engineer. “I can’t wait to quickly get to meetings without walking to a car and finding parking. This is good for exercise, good for on-campus mobility. ”

The program will have 50 bikes ready for the 19,000 employees that dwell each day in the Warren tech center, which has 11 miles (18 kilometers) of road. According to the automaker, the bikes will be initially available at seven locations – with six more under consideration as the program grows. The employees need to register online for the program and then reserve via text message or with the aid of a smartphone app one of the bikes.



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