GM Ends the Supply of Vehicles to the Republican and Democratic Party Conventions image

GM will no longer provide vehicles to the Republican and Democratic party conventions.

Since 1980 GM has supplied both national conventions hundreds of cars for free, when Republicans met in Detroit and Democrats gathered in New York. In 2008 the Detroit automaker offered around 400 vehicles to each convention. James Davis, a spokesman for the Republican National Convention, declared that the convention doesn’t have an official auto provider.

“We are working with a number of entities, including rentals. Additionally, we have hired a fleet of approximately 450 buses to transport people to and from the convention venues,” he said.

In 2009 GM received a $49.5 billion U.S. bailout and $10 billion from the Canadian government to avoid bankruptcy. The US Treasury still has 500 million shares in the automaker. Gm, which is still called by some critics ‘Government Motors’, has been the victim of political activities for many years, but this year it was worse. Vice President Joe Biden was supposed to make a political speech at a GM plant, but instead he chose the United Auto hall.

GM executives have supported the presidential candidates donating $21,905 to Obama and $7,600 to Republican Mitt Romney since 2011. Therefore the company decided to cut the supply of vehicles to the two parties.