GM enhances website dedicated to ignition switch recalls image

The US automaker announced that its website that was set in place especially for owners of the models affected by the ignition switch recalls has been expanded to include data about all 20 models involved.

The website – after in February General Motors announced it was calling back 2.6 million cars – mostly Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion models – because they had a defective ignition switch. The faulty part could turn the engine off while driving, causing a critical loss of power for the safety systems, including the airbags. The defect was linked by the company so far to 13 deaths and at least 54 crashes and the carmaker was hit with universal critique because it acted late in issuing the recall – staff within GM had first learned of the issue at least a decade ago.

The updated version of the website now has information for approximately 15 million owners of cars with defects tied to the ignition switch, with around 800,000 cars from the initial round of recalls already fixed. CEO Mary Barra also signed a letter mailed to about 1.9 million owners of recalled cars, urging them to complete repairs – the company said that usually 80 to 85% of the cars recalled get fixed in the first two years following the action but in this particular case it mulls for 100% completion.

Via Reuters