On Monday, May 28th, GM is expected to break ground on a expansion at its Wentzville, Missouri plant, worth $380 million.

At the Wentzville, Missouri plant GM will manufacture the next generation of midsize pickups, creating 1,260 jobs. No details were given on when the expansion will be over or if other products will be built at the plant.

“This is the first of many of what we hope are many good news announcements” at the plant, said GM spokeswoman Stephanie Jentgen.

The Wentzville facility, located near St. Louis, builds the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans, with 1,400 employees. GM announced in October 2011 it will add a second shift with 400 employees, to start at the beginning of this year.

Mark Reuss, GM North America President, declared that the redesigned midsize truck will enter the market shortly after the launch of all-new versions of its full-size pickups as 2014 models. The company said it will also change the name of the midsize pickups, which will not be called the Chevrolet Colorado anymore.


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