GM Expands St. Petersburg Plant Hiring 1,500 Workers image

GM plans to expand its plant in St. Petersburg, Russia by hiring 1, 500 new workers.

This action is part of a 5-year investment, worth $1 billion, to boost production in Russia from 98,000 units to 230,000. GM revealed its hiring plans in 2011, part of the deal made with the Russian Federal Ministry of Economic Development. GM said back than that it plans to have 4,000 employees at its plant St. Petersburg once the expansion is finished.

The new about the 1,500 employees was given today, June 22nd, by GM CEO Dan Akerson, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, in Russia. The plant will produce the Chevrolet, Opel and the new Opel Astra sedan.

“General Motors is embarking on a new era in Russia, one of the world’s fastest-growing vehicle markets, as part of our strategy to build where we sell,” Akerson said in a statement. “The global vehicles that we produce and the manufacturing systems that we are putting in place are creating long-term benefits for Russia’s automotive industry, its supply base and its economy.”

From January until May 2012, auto makers sold 1.14 million vehicles in Russia, up 15% from 2011. GM sold in the country 74,788 Chevrolet models, up 18% and 32,190 Opel models, up 34%.