GM Expects Chevrolet Sales of over 5M Worldwide in 2012 image

GM recently declared that it expects Chevrolet brand to sell more than 5 million cars and trucks in 2012.

In 2011 Chevrolet managed to sell more than 4.76 million vehicles and now GM is focused more than ever to make Chevrolet a global brand.

“I am thinking with a little bit of fortune, we will do better than 5 million units” declared Ewanick at the 2012 New York Auto Show. “We’re the No. 4 player for a brand. There is Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford and us, and we want to compete head-to-head with each of those brands everywhere in the world.”

This year GM continues to see weak demand for its more premium brands Cadillac and Buick, but Chevrolet is filling the gap in terms of volume. The strongest sales were done by truck, SUV and compact and midsize sedan models, the automaker managed to sell 8,251 Chevrolet Sonics that were delivered last month.

In March Volt sold 2,289 units, up 50% from the previous high in December, and Sales of the extended-range plug-in electric vehicle disappointed in early months but are now gaining steam. The company expects Volt sales to reach at least 3,000 a month soon.