GM Expects New Impala to Appeal More to Buyers Than Renters image

GM predicts that the new Chevrolet Impala will attract more retail buyers and change the vehicle’s image as the ‘king of car rentals.’

“We see the mix shift going from about 70 percent fleet and 30 retail, really turning that around, becoming 70 percent retail,” said Don Johnson, Chevrolet vice president of sales.

Jim Hall, managing director of automotive consulting firm 2953 Analytics, believes that GM needs to begin investing in advertising the Chevrolet Impala to keep the customers interested in the vehicle and reach its target. Last year the automaker sold around 169,350 Impala units, and the company expects sales to increase this year as more customers move up from the mid-sized car segment.

GM officials believe that the new Chevrolet Impala, which competes with the Toyota Avalon and the Ford Taurus, will attract younger and richer customers compared with the current model, helping the model ditch its image as being a car for customers in their 50s. Johnson said that the Impalas sold on lease are seen jumping to the segment average of about 35% from the current rate of almost 0%.

Chevy said is will continue selling the current Limited model as long as there will be demand, but only to flee customers, mainly rental car companies.