GM fights proposed “park the car” court order image

According to the company, if the federal issued recall instructions are followed, GM or any other automaker shouldn’t be forced to call owners of the defective cars and tell them to park the cars until they are fixed.

General Motors, which found out about the ignition switch defect for at least a decade and only since February recalled 2.6 million cars, faces a mountain of litigations as well as probes conducted by the NHTSA and the US Congress. One of the lawsuits called for a judge to order GM to tell owners to park they cars because they are unsafe to drive.

“It would be highly disruptive for this case and for all future recall cases,” GM said. “At its crux, it would utterly undermine the carefully devised process Congress intended for motor vehicle recalls.”

General Motors argues that if owners follow the set of instructions – including removing any objects from key rings – the cars would be safe and the litigation lawyers failed to bring any evidence the cars would become unsafe.

US District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos, which so far has eluded a definite answer to the “park-it” request, asked the company to explain why such an order should not be issued. GM, as any corporation would do, also said the order would significantly damage its reputation and – especially – affect its finance balance.

Via Bloomberg