GM Forbid Employees to Watch Fireworks from RenCen image

On June 12th, GM asked its 5,000 employees from the Renaissance Center to leave the building before 3 p.m., before the 54th annual fireworks display.

“This year, there has been some back and forth over what the best plan is to manage the crowds,” said Carney, the company’s manager of business media strategy. “As a part of that plan, GM made the decision to strongly encourage employees who do not have a business need in the building to work from a remote location as needed.”

This was a nice way of saying that employees are not allowed to watch the fireworks from the company’s windows. Of course, GM declared that its purpose was to minimize traffic congestion. Only employees with ‘business reasons’ were allowed to remain in the building.

“If you’re asking me if people can just pack up the station wagon and watch fireworks from the Renaissance Center, the answer is no,” she said. “There has to be a business reason.”

Naomi Patton, spokesman for the city and Mayor Dave Bing, said that the city officials appreciate GM’s efforts concerning Detroit’s public safety concerns.