GM gives the NHTSA 200,000 pages of answers image

It looks like General Motors is fast approaching the boiling point in the ignition switch recall crisis and has somewhat decided to go the quantity way – it dropped on the NHSA experts no less than 200, 000 pages related to the problem.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration got the deluge as an answer to its questions regarding the way the company has dealt with the recall that so far spawned 2.6 million cars since the end of February and led to 31 crashes and 13 fatalities.

While GM seems to do everything it can to still impede the finding of answers until it would come up with a solution, the NHTSA got the 200, 000 pages answers to just 107 questions it had.

“The company has submitted some 200,000 pages of documents and will provide today answers to nearly 65% of the questions,” GM said in a statement released late today. “GM is cooperating fully with NHTSA and is keeping the agency apprised at every step of its progress as it works to respond to the remaining questions within the Special Order.”

Following the amount of paperwork, the officials of the federal authority said they would need time before it redacts any conclusions – a process that could take weeks. David Friedman, NHTSA’s acting administrator said his experts would also need to examine anything that could be regarded as sensitive, personal or proprietary before releasing the documents to the public.