GM has almost recalled all its models image

The US automaker’s recall frenzy was started with the 2.6 million older cars called back for a defective ignition switch. From there on, all is mayhem – with the company pushing out one recall “record” after another.

In just six months, the No.1 US automaker managed to leave in the dust the seasonally adjusted rate for the whole 2014 on new car sales (now set close to 17 million units), recalling only in the US almost 26 million cars and around 29 million worldwide. That’s alone putting it ahead of the all time record set in 2004 by all automakers for the whole year! All automakers in the US called back so far for fixes almost 40 million cars.

“GM is aggressively reviewing product issues and will not hesitate to conduct a recall if it is determined to be the right thing for customers. We have changed our safety review processes and added 35 investigators so we can move more quickly to address issues as they arise”, says GM spokesman Alan Adler.

And just by sweeping through the GM current model line-up and the federal safety records we see that the recalled models are not just old (now the 54 separate recalls go back to 1997), but the company has issues with almost all its current model line-up. Of more than three dozen models, just three (and some model variants) have not been so far subject to a recall notice.

The 54 recalls list exempts only the Chevrolet Equinox crossover; the GMC Terrain and the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. The variants include the Chevrolet Spark EV – but let’s not forget there are still six months in the year.