The North American based automotive giant General Motors has recently introduced a Touring package for the Cadillac CTS.

According to the car manufacturer, the Touring package recently released for the Cadillac CTS has been designed to mimic the CTS-V, and, as you can see from the images posted below, the kit is coming with a sport tuned suspension, a taillight spoiler, HID headlights and a choice of 18 or 19 inch wheels, depending on what engine is selected. The automaker hasn’t forgot the interior either, which is now fitted with a suede-wrapped steering wheel, metal pedals, midnight sapele wood trim and the vehicles equipped with the 3.6 liter engine are also coming with Recaro seats.

“One of the best aspects of high-performance machines like the V-Series is that they bring new elements into the brand than enrich the rest of the breed. The new Touring Packages give CTS buyers access to some desirable V-Series elements, in a more-approachable format”, as Don Butler, the Cadillac vice president of Marketing.

Cadillac says that the Touring package for the CTS model starts at 2.065 USD and it can go up to 2.810 USD, while the CTS Sedan is being sold for 36.790 USD, the CTS Coupe for 39.590 USD while the CTS Sport Wagon costs 39.890 USD, prices including destination charges.


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