While General Motors first announced in late February the recall of cars equipped with the defective ignition switch, it has only now managed to ship some “thousands” kits needed to address the problem.

Steadily mounting from less than one million cars to 2.6 million vehicles now and encompassing many older models made before the 2012 model year, the defective ignition switch has become a huge scandal for the automaker, facing now probes on its conduct from both NHTSA and the federal government.

Besides shipping the necessary kits, the company said it started last week sending letters to owners of 2003-2007 models – around 1.4 million according to estimates, urging them to contact their dealer and schedule repairs. With the operation’s duration of around 90 minutes, dealers have already reported receiving the kits and starting the repairs.

Without providing specific details on how many parts were actually sent, GM did say what the kit is comprised of: ignition switches, ignition cylinders and key sets.
Also, owners of 2008-2011 models that are included in the 2.6 million vehicles recall will be prompted in May by a letter confirming the inclusion of their car in the recall, with another one to follow that would announce the arrival of the necessary replacement kit.

Via Reuters


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