GM Helps the Customs in Saudi Arabia Seize 50,000 Counterfeit Auto Parts image

Law enforcement agencies and Customs in Saudi Arabia and GM Global Investigations team seized over 50, 000 ACDelco counterfeit products in the region.

During the raids and detentions aimed at preventing counterfeiting of vehicle parts in the region, a distributor in Riyadh was found commercializing counterfeit wipers, air filters and oil filters. GM Global Investigations team helped the Customs carrying product detentions in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Thousands of counterfeit vehicle spare parts have been removed from the market and destroyed.

“Most raids in the Middle East target importers or in-market distributors. Some of these in-market distributors are found to be producing their own counterfeit packaging or labels, so in these cases, we move to try and seize their equipment,” said Scott Emmer, General Motors Global Security Manager, Global Brand Protection.

Recently, 35,000 counterfeit ACDelco wipers made in China have been seized. They were intended for export to the United Arab Emirates. In New York and New Jersey, the FBI found in February counterfeit ACDelco hubs, gaskets and spark plug wire sets also aimed for the Middle East market.T he U.S Federal Trade Commission estimates auto counterfeiting in the world at $12 billion and in the Middle East the figure would be around $1 billion.