GM Hires Team Leaders at Spring Hill, Tenn. Plant image

Recently a union official declared that in about two weeks 60 team leaders will be hired at the General Motors facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

United Auto Workers 1853 bargaining chairman, Mike Herron, declared that currently workers are producing the Chevrolet Equinox and soon new jobs will be offered to local citizens. No exact number was given. In 2009 2,500 employees were dispersed to other facilities in the country when GM idled the plant. Some of the workers were transferred to the Lansing Delta plant together with production of the Chevrolet Traverse, adding a third shift of 1,000 employees.

Gm is currently facing constraints concerning its ability to produce cars, and also to face tough competition from both foreign and domestic automakers. But the company could be brought back on the track with the help of its two key new-model introductions. A large XTS sedan was designed to compete with models such as the Lexus LS460 and Mercedes S-Class, and also a smaller ATS, to compete against the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4.

General Motors is using extensive overtime labor and operates at full capacity in North America. That is why some plants that were idled, such as the one in Spring Hill, Tennessee, are being brought to life.