GM Holden Aims at Producing Electric Cars for Export image

GM Holden plans to manufacture 126 electric Holden at the Adelaide facility, Australia, aiming at mass production and exports if it passes the trial.

More than $73 million was invested in this program which is in the final stages of negotiation between GM Holden, the Australian government and the EV Engineering consortium, which is lead by Rob McEniry, former Mitsubishi chief. The plan includes the production of 120 e-Commodores and 6 left-hand-drive e-Caprices, as well as the development of an e-Cruze small car, which is expected to be produced by GM globally.

The company will ask the Australian government to contribute A$15 million for the expansion of the e-Holden plan. A second batch of e-Commodores will be offered to the Australian fleet customers, while the 6 Caprices will be used as taxis and will be road tested in San Francisco, US.

“They [the electric Holdens] would be built on the assembly line and meet all compliance requirements so they could be driven by anyone,” said Rob McEniry. “This is a very, very significant next step. We just need to come together with the right amount of funding to make it happen. The negotiations are at their final stage and reasonably delicate, so I can’t say too much.”

  • Alex Ace

    Here we go again " NOW " they want us the silly taxpayer to fund it ? Weres the turbo diesel Commodore Holden ? No the yanks know better ? a V6 that gets 10.5 ltr per 100 around town a V6 on E-85 that uses 30% more fuel than the unleaded version a 6ltr V8
    that uses even more.
    Well done Holden keep making dinosours and asking for taxpayer handouts.