GM hovering to take back its global title from Toyota image

Right since the loss of its precious title in the year 2008, General Motors is continuously striving hard to get its title back. Well, whatever are the consequences, it’s true that no one can digest the fact that it had to lose its number 1 position and stand behind in the line.

In order to take back its title of the world’s largest automaker which had snatched by Toyota, General Motors Co. is one more time moving ahead with pace. Last year, General Motors had almost beat Toyota to get back its title by finishing 28,000 units, but positioned behind the Japanese giant because of little difference.

The competition is getting fierce day-by-day where the Detroit automaker during the last quarter was successful in making its way to the top again beating Toyota and sold 2.2 million units, which is an increase of complete 11 percent. On the other hand, Toyota lost its title and dropped to 1.8 million units that put the company directly to the third position where first was achieved by General Motors and second position won by Volkswagen AG. Besides, FoMoCo (Ford Motor Company) has managed to win number fourth position in the global sales by selling 1.4 million units.

It was the worst time for Toyota to lose its victory from the major automakers in the world. And the reason behind falling down on the list was only because of the massive earthquake that hit Japan in the month of May this year. However, at present neither GM nor Toyota is set to comment on anything that could state the possibility that General Motors could go beyond Toyota again. Commenting about this issue, the GM spokesman Tom Henderson has said that their focus is of building and selling the best vehicles in the world and taking care of their customers despite making it a sales race.

By Sunita Mandal