GM ignition fund weekly update: two more eligible deaths image

According to the official report just released by the office of Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer overseeing the ignition switch compensation program, the fund has accepted two more fatality claims.

Back in February, General Motors started a 2.6 million autos recall because of defective ignition switches and the latter scandal and numerous investigations proved the company had knowledge of the matter for at least a decade. The No. 1 US automaker then established a victims’ compensation program to try and redeem its wrongdoings, headed by Feinberg – a lawyer specialized in such cases, after directing the 9/11 terror attacks and 2010 BP oil spill compensation funds.

Last week the tally of claims deemed eligible for compensation increased modestly – with two more death cases selected. According to the report, as of Monday the number of claims for injuries and deaths stands at 2,262 – up 15 from the last report. The program has been accepting claims since August 1 and the original deadline has been extended by the carmaker to January 31, 2015. So far, 38 claims for deaths, six severe injuries and 45 other injuries have been selected as eligible for compensation by the program. Around 265 claims were deemed ineligible and 396 are still under review today. More than 500 still lack proper documentation and another 986 have no paperwork at all.

Via Reuters