Three more death cases have been deemed eligible for compensation by the office of the attorney in charge of General Motors’ ignition switch victims’ fund, raising the death toll stemming from the recall to 90 persons.

Last year in February the largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world started a recall of 2.6 million autos due to potentially fatal issues with the ignition switches, and the ensuing scandal showed the company had prior knowledge of the defect for at least a decade. In the aftermath the company decided to establish a victims’ compensation fund, headed by outside attorney Kenneth Feinberg, who had previous experience in such cases, being implicated in the funds compensating victims of the 9/11 terror attacks and the 2010 BP oil spill. His office so far approved 90 death cases and 163 injury claims as of April 24. The latter injury claims, which also rose by six cases from the prior week, include both serious, life-changing injuries and claims for less severe injuries that still required hospital or home care. Eleven claims are for serious injuries and the other 152 are for the lesser situation. GM hired Feinberg last year to oversee the program and the deadline to fill claims has passed on January 31.

The office of Feinberg received a total of 4,342 claims, with 253 so far deemed eligible and the attorney and his assistants are still considering another 997 claims. The GM ignition switch recall – which turned into a massive safety campaign that yielded an unwanted recall record for the company – could jump to shut down the engine, thus cutting power to crucial safety systems, including the airbags.

Via Automotive News


  1. Is NHTSA taking notice? They were quick to impose a record fine to a Japanese manufacturer for a problem that was related to 5 fatalities.


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