GM ignition switch victims’ families to accept fund offer image

Just days after the lawyers involved with the GM ignition switch compensation fund announced they made their first offers, families of two victims have accepted the offers.

According to Robert Hilliard, their lawyer, the families of Amy Rademaker and Natasha Weigel, two young girls that died in a crash involving a 2005 Chevy Cobalt have accepted the fund’s offer. The award was however undisclosed.

“Of the offers made so far, most of my clients feel that they are reasonable and in the ballpark of serious consideration,” Hilliard commented.

General Motors, which in February started the recall of 2.6 million cars equipped with defective ignition switches, was found to have personnel knowing about the issue for at least a decade. Following a huge public scandal and numerous lawsuits and pending federal probes (including a criminal investigation), the US automaker decided to set a victims’ compensation fund. The awards have not been capped, but for now Ken Feinebrg – the outside lawyer managing the fund – has been given around $400 million to work with.

This marks the first instance any victim or family has accepted an offer coming from the fund managers, which is still accepting claims until December 31. If a victim or family decides to accept the offer it would also waive the right to sue GM for ignition switch related accidents.

Via Reuters