A report issued yesterday shows that the program designed to compensate victims of accidents linked to a defective ignition switch in General Motors autos has tallied so far 1, 772 claims for injuries and fatalities.

The number of claims has surged by 12% since the last report, which is issued by the office of Ken Feinberg – the attorney in charge of the fund’s supervision – on a weekly basis. The program is only designed to compensate victims stemming from the initial 2.6 million cars recall that started in February – the cars were equipped with faulty ignition switches that could cause an engine shutdown while driving, leading to a potentially catastrophic loss of power for essential safety systems.

The program has been opened for the victims to submit claims since August 1 and would continue to do so until the year’s end. The report from Feinberg’s office states that a total of 196 claims for deaths, 116 for catastrophic injuries and 1,460 for other injuries have been filed so far. Last week arose four claims for deaths and 174 new claims for less-serious injuries – the latter are for accidents that led to hospitalization but did not lead to serious permanent damage. So far, the attorney and his team has already made 61 offers – 30 to families of fatality victims and 31 to injured people.

Via Reuters



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