GM Increases the Number of Cadillac Showrooms in China image

GM plans to increase Cadillac dealerships in China by about 25% to compete against Audi.

In 2013 GM will add 40 new dealers for the upscale Cadillac, increasing the number form the current 160, and open 400 showrooms in China to reach a total of almost 4, 200. Chief Executive Officer Dan Akerson aims at a worldwide expansion of the Cadillac brand as he plans to make up for the sluggish sales of the high-profit trucks. GM previously announced it will introduce a new Cadillac model in China annually through 2016.

“It’s a journey, you’re not going to do this in a year or two, but you’ve got to come up with product that unequivocally can compete,” said Bob Socia, GM’s China president.

During the first eleven months of the year GM sold 27,073 Cadillacs in China, compared with 370,559 units sold by Audi. BMW sold 295,974 units, while Mercedes-Benz hit sales of 177,301 vehicles. Next year GM will also focus on the SUV market, as this is the fastest growing segment in China,relying on the Buick Encore crossover, which was introduced in October. From January to November SUV delivers were up 26% to 1.79 million, compared with a gain of 7.1% to 14 million units for passenger vehicles.