GM is late on its own schedule for recall fix image

The No.1 US automaker, which since February has recalled 2.6 million cars for a defective ignition switch and subsequently triggered a huge scandal, is late on its own plan to deliver the fix to dealers.

While many clients hoped their cars involved in the recall – which has been linked to 31 crashes and 13 fatalities – would start being fixed, but according to the company there were no parts shipped to dealers yet – a two-day delay from CEO Mary Barra’s plan.

The 2.6 million vehicles include models like the Chevrolet Cobalt, Saturn Ion and have been recalled because the ignition switch can inadvertently trigger an accidental engine stop – which in turn makes critical safety systems stop functioning.

While Chief Executive Mary Barra said in a video posted online that the company aimed to move the parts to the dealers by the beginning of this week – which meant April 7th, a company spokesman came out and reputed the video – saying his boss should have said the company aims to do it this week, and confirmed no parts were shipped yet.

On the mean time, dealers say customers have been pouring in with calls about the recall and the fix, but also mentioned that almost all of them were not angry or scared. When the part will be finally shipped, the customers would anyway have to wait as the fix will take several months to implement on all 2.6 million vehicles.

Via Reuters