GM to power the US Army with a fuel cell vehicle image

General Motors and the US Army have signed a deal by which the automaker will build and demonstrate a fuel cell reconnaissance vehicle.

The US Army is packed with super-tech vehicles and now is about to get a “green” one. GM has announced it has signed a contract with US Army by which the automaker would build for the Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center division a fuel cell reconnaissance vehicle, for testing purposes. The discloure was made by Mark Reuss, GM’s global product chief, the contract with US Army being signed in September. Reuss said the vehicle “will be based on our current fuel cell development program, on our current stack. It will show the unique advantages our proven fuel cell technology can offer in an all-terrain tactical application.” One of the reasons for which the Military shows interest in such vehicles is, obviously, that the fuel cell technology is quitter than regular engines and also can generate electricity. It would also be easier to recharge such vehicles and the power would come faster at lower speeds as battery-powered vehicles have more torque available at low rpms.

Is not GM’s first contract with the US Army, as in August the carmaker made a deal to supply 55,000 of its turbodiesel Duramax V8 engines for the Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle who wants to replace the Humvee. Ford competed as well for the same contract with it Powerstroke diesel. General Motors has committed to produce a fuel cell vehicle for consumers by 2020, which will be made in partnership with Honda. GM and Honda signed two year ago an agreement to develop fuel cell powertrains.

Via Automotive News