General Motors, the largest US automaker, is getting ready to spearhead a connected car evolution that would put it up front in the technology race, as the automaker gets ready to have many Chevrolet nameplates connected to Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

Connected cars are viewed as part of the general technology revolution, which will enable customers to have their autos connected to the Internet and personal mobile devices – both smartphones and tablets – and in the end also bring the much anticipated automated driving leap. After both technology giants presented last year their auto versions of the mobile operating systems, enabling smartphones to be linked seamlessly with the car’s infotainment system, automakers are now getting ready to offer the systems on a wide basis. GM’s strategy will start with the new generation 2016 Cruze small car debuting next month, according to a company statement. After that, the vast majority of Chevrolet’s 2016 model lineup would have the brand’s MyLink infotainment system linked to Apple’s CarPlay, while six of the models would also work with Google’s Android Auto.

The compatibility – which enables the driver to hook the smartphone to the infotainment system and have crucial functions transferred there, would come free of cost – and drivers would use the MyLink voice-recognition system to send text messages, access phone lists and also functions of other applications – such as Google Maps or Spotify’s music streaming service. This Tuesday, Hyundai and Google announced the 2015 Sonata as the first model connected to the Android Auto system.

Via Bloomberg


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