GM keeps Oshawa assembly line open until 2017 image

General Motors Co. announced that it will keep the Oshawa, Ontario assembly line functional for two more years despite a number of previous reported scheduled dates regarding its closure in the past ten years.

The American multinational stated that it would make an investment of $12 million in order to produce more Chevrolet Equinox models and to also make related changes at the CAMI Assembly in Ontario, Canada, extending production on its line until 2017. Back in 2005, GM announced for the first time that it was planning to close its consolidated line, one of its two remaining Oshawa assembly lines. After a set date for 2008 for cease of production, GM decided to postpone the date without releasing any reasons behind the choice. The same thing happened in 2012, when the Oshawa assembly line was set to close in the following year.

Recent information had us all expecting for the line to close in 2016. We guess in the light of the new statement that GM’s decision means good news for its employees who can keep onto their jobs until 2018 and even longer if GM decides to postpone again the closing of their line. The Oshawa assembly line produces the previous generation of Chevrolet Impalas, while GM’s other Oshawa line, the flex one, manufactures current Impala models, Buick Regals, Chevrolet Camaros and Cadillac XTS models. Steve Carlisle, president of GM Canada, stated in a release that the brand’s new investment stands for a very effective way for GM to meet strong demands for the Chevrolet Equinox, and that this situation is brining positive news to their community.

By Gabriela Florea