It’s not intriguing to see a model being delivered for the first time to its intended clients, but it may very well become a historic December for General Motors as it kicked off sales of its pure electric, affordable and long range Bolt and Ampera-e.

The models share the same underpinnings and plant in America, so we’re just going to treat them as one and the same car – it’s more efficient. The Chevrolet Bolt has started arriving at dealerships in California, the first intended market for the electric car. The first three examples have already been delivered to three customers in the San Francisco Bay area. Chevrolet will first test the market reaction by sending the first examples to California and Oregon, with 2017 seeing the nationwide rollout. The strategy includes New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia getting the electric car before the winter ends.

Meanwhile, the Opel Ampera-e has first arrived in Europe in an electric-centric market, namely Norway, which is considered “by far the most mature EV market in Europe” that will “soon already have 100,000 BEVs on the road.” The automaker explained they chose Norway because of “successful policies such as no purchase taxes on EVs, exemption from VAT on purchase and leasing, low annual road tax, no charges on toll roads and ferries, free municipal parking, access to bus lanes and 50 percent reduced company car tax.” The first Norwegian deliveries will commence in spring 2017, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland, a couple of months later.



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