GM launches safety oriented product development unit image

The company’s CEO, Mary Barra, announced GM will set up a new global product integrity group which centers around product safety and quality.

Barra is facing just a few months after coming to office with one of the biggest scandals GM has seen this decade, as she admitted the company blundered the defective ignition switch recall. As a consequence, the small cars involved in the 2.6 million units recall have so far been involved in at least 30 crashes and caused 13 fatalities.

“This new way of developing vehicles will provide the highest levels of safety, quality, and customer service, and ensure that a situation like the ignition-switch recall doesn’t happen again,” Barra announced during a New York speech.

Commenting to reporters questions, GM’s new CEO, Mary Barra also said the internal investigation led by former federal prosecutor Anton Valukas would be finalized somewhere between the middle and the end of May, also adding that another team is working to answer all of NHTSA’s questions – but could wait for the completion of the internal review for some of them. The US National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration last week announced it was fining $7,000-per-day since an April 3 deadline was not met.

Via Reuters