GM lets go of human resources and public relations chiefs image

The mounting pressure from the defective ignition switch recall scandal seems to have made its first top executive victims, as GM just announced two of its executives would leave the company.

The new CEO’s team seems to gain a bigger footing into the top brass in the company as Mary Barra seeks to distance herself from the old GM that was the cause for the 2.6 million cars recall that were linked to at least 13 deaths.

The new CEO also stated that its senior leadership would be held accountable about safety issues through a new program that encourages employees to voice their concern about any problems – openly or anonymously.

“Importantly, we also promise accountability from our senior leadership back to these employees that we will take action or close each issue in a timely fashion,” Barra told her employees.

The company also announced Selim Bingol, who held all public-relations duties, is quitting its post to “pursue other interests”, while Melissa Howell, the senior vice president of global human resources, would be replaced by John Quattrone.

While Bingol’s position is yet to be filled, Quattrone is a long time collaborator of Barra, as he worked as the human resources chief for the product-development and purchasing group – which was headed by the new CEO at the time.

Via Bloomberg