GM Makes Its Own Version of Apple’s Genius Bar image

GM prepares its own version of Apple’s Genius Bar to avoid losing customers due to possible frustration over its-car technology.

As navigation systems and voice-activated and touch-screen entertainment are of utmost importance when it comes to attracting customers, automakers have tried to design their systems as intuitive and effective as possible. It seems that this was not enough and GM says that to blame is the lack of training offered to new drivers. Therefore the no.1 automaker in the US has created a team of 25 tech-savvy specialists to its 4,400 US dealerships, who will offer instructions on how to teach clients about technology.

“You see a lot of people get into the vehicle, and they can’t figure out the damned system,” said Mark Harland, manager of GM’s connected customer team. “They get frustrated, and they get online and bash it, and that ends up on J.D. Power and Associates,” he said.

The team of specialists will discuss with GM’s engineers about software improvements. Besides the team of tech-savvy specialists, GM also has a dedicated team at its call center located in Austin, who is ready to answer any question related to in-car technology.

“Some customers don’t utilize all the features on these new cars,” Robert Ruiz, general manager of Capitol Chevrolet in Austin, said. “If we don’t know to use them either, we can’t teach them.”