GM Might Return to Facebook as a Paid Advertiser image

GM and Facebook are discussing the return of the car maker as a paid advertiser, eight months after the company announced it will stop running ads on the website.

GM’s interim marketing chief Alan Batey announced at the Detroit auto show that the discussions between the automaker and Facebook officials are related to GM’s return as a paid advertiser.

“We’re still actively talking to them and looking at opportunities that come our way,” Batey told Reuters on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t tell you that there’s a Mexican standoff here. We just didn’t see the value” in the ads.

In May 2012, three days before Facebook’s IPO, GM announced it was giving up the paid ads on the social network website as they had little impact on consumers. The automaker announced that it invested $40 million for its Facebook presence, but that only $10 million was paid to the company for advertising, the rest being spent on content, advertising and the media agencies involved. Batey refused to offer details about GM’s return to Facebook, where the automaker still has several pages for which it pays nothing to market his vehicles.

“I wouldn’t want to predict if there’s something, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if there were some things,” said Batey.