GM needs a five-year effort to change corporate culture image

Mary Barra is the first female chief executive officer in charge of a global automaker – the powerful General Motors. And just weeks after taking her office, she already hit the first major bump – the tremendous scandal surrounding the ignition switch recall.

Just weeks after becoming CEO, Barra saw her automaker dipped in one of the biggest auto safety crisis in history – one that has seen the vehicles linked to 36 deaths and triggered numerous probes and even a criminal investigation. Now, the leader has embarked in a tremendous ride – ensure the restructuring of product safety stops any other dangerous slip. That also includes a complete corporate culture change and while usually analysts and industry observers say such a feat takes around a decade, Barra feels confident GM can do that in just five years.

She adds that besides building the relationships as a new executive, she also had to do that when it comes to suppliers, dealers, the media or even key government officials across the globe. Now the company has a more rigorous safety product investigation and reporting organization – with every person in the company, from white/blue collars to legal representatives knowing exactly who to address if an issue arises.

Via Automotive News Europe